Būve Plus

   Design and construction of dwelling houses, industrial, administrative and public buildings are the main spheres of activities of "Būve Plus".

We offer:

  1.   Design and adaptation of designs made outside Latvian.
  2.   Participation in negotiations of financing.
  3.   Organisation of construction operations (General Contractor).
  4.   All kinds of construction operations, including:
  •   placement of concrete;
  •   brick-work;
  •   heat insulation work;
  •   mounting of metalwork;
  •   mounting of prefabricated concrete items;
  •   walls and ceiling from gypsum board;
  •   roofing operation;
  •   mounting of "sandwich"-type items;
  •   completing operations, decoration;
  •   landscape works.

Comprehensive approach

    The analysis of previous experience has shown that the best results during the implementation of projects are achieved due to comprehensive solution of all problems: organisation of design, technical consulting and construction. Such an approach allows to optimise the customers' costs and create high-quality structures.