Organization of construction works (general contractor)

The company provides the organization of construction works on the building site, general and specific construction works.
General construction works:
  • concreting
  • laying of concrete floors
  • brickworks
  • heat insulation works
  • building steel framework erection
  • mounting of the reinforced concrete elements of the framework
  • plasterboard walls and partitions on metal frames plumbing
  • mounting of profiled sheets constructions (e. g.:RUUKKI)
  • mounting of "sandwich" - type items
  • decoration works
  • land improvement.

Evaluation of land plots

   Company experts evaluate land plots from the real estate development point of view to provide a client with necessary information to appraise riska and possible returns of acquiring a land plot.


   "Būve Plus" offers a full scope of building design works including acting as a general designer. The company leads and coordinates the designing, including the specified operations:
  • Recruitment of designers for an order execution;
  • Coordination of different design parts;
  • Involving of all the construction experience acquired by the company;
  • Calculation of the eventual construction costs in the designing stage;
  • Effective reducing of costs and terms by means of the design optimization and selection of efficient technologies.

Design inspection

  Company experts evaluate efficiency on designs using their experience in building and constraction works.


   The company provides participation in negotiations of financing.

Technical supervision

   Company specialists supervise construction works in regard to compliance with building standards and rules, as well as evaluation of quality of materials.